Tower Coaster - Zierer
Tower Coaster - Zierer
Rides that Create Memories
Rides that Create Memories


Offering the most unique rides in the industry, Sunkid/Heege products are proven reliable with safety designed into the manufacturing. The video clips below show several operations in Europe where many of the rides have been designed for use without an operator.


In addition to the exceptional quality rides that Sunkid produces, we can also provide our customers with a cost effective replacement train for nearly any Steel Coaster.


Sunkid/Heege has been producing the most reliable and well-built rides in the industry for over 40 years. These unique rides are consistently the favorite rides that your guests will leave talking about at the end of the day. For additional information, please visit this link to go to the Sunkid website and click on family rides. Sunkid/Heege

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